Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Post About...

roses and valentines and everything nice:

friends who go on sunday afternoon photo shoots with you:


playing with bokeh:

silly science experiments:

because pictures are so much better than my drawings....

melting crayon fails:

successful melting crayons:

It was a cold, wintery day and my kid sibs were playing the snow. Mom and i were packing when i came across a much too full box of crayons. [half of them broken and never used] i remembered when i was younger, my mom showing us how to melt crayons to form larger, more fun crayons. So i began. And quickly ended with an epic fail. And i began again, a mite more successfully than before. So after the crayons were melted and quickly hardening into a sticky mess, a question popped into my brain: How am i going to remove these suckers? This is where the cold, wintery [snow covered] day came into play. When i had almost given up, i frustratedly threw the warm pan into a mound of snow and walked away. 2 minutes later when i returened, wouldn't you know it. Every one of those beautiful little crayon blobs and dislodged themselves from the pan. [Save yourself headache and only melt crayons when there's snow on the ground :)] My siblings loved 'em but they don't even use them to color. I guess they just enjoy touching them and stuff. :) Anyway, i thought they were too fabulous & colorful to NOT take pictures of. ]

old quilts with fabulous fabric:

tulips and daffodils:

...okay. not daffodils. just tulips. horray for spring!

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Corina Miller said...

gorgeous pics lynds! :)