Saturday, October 30, 2010

Okay all. Bear with me.
                     This is a post that is, quite simply, a broad overview of my summer.
                                    In pictures.

- several photo shoots with the people I love. 

- some miscellaneous stuff that brought my summer joy

- & verrry few words. 

hehe. but it's good. words can come later.


These darling strawberries that marked the rather glum departure of our beloved, foreign child: Sarah Weave.

These too, made by Kate & Sarah [for us. how precious.] :]

How about a end-of-the-summer photo shoot. Or five? I think yes.

hehe. love this

These were darling. Thrift store bargains, I believe.

Yay! Peacock feathers are my FAAAVe

& a shoot with many peeps.

Love them. Jus sayin'

this is how most of the shoot went, I do believe. crazyness. :]

Treen & Patty.

I love everything about this one. The colors. The various eye shades. The smiles. Yes, these are my friends.

An old school bus? Um, yes please.

This is Patricia. Known to all as Patty. Or Patrish. 

A friend of mine? More like a sister.

She has killer eyeballs. For real.

A model?...Yea. She's pretty much a natural.

 & here's some misc. cheer from my summer.

Marked with memories of chocolate covered cherries, how could it have been anything but marvelous?

Another shoot with me own lovely cousin, Kendra.
...Twas truely grand.

Her. Eyes. Are. Lovely. no lie.

Okay folks. That post feels rather unorganized & lacking in words, but I think, 
              [& hope]
That the photos will make up for the lack of words. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gallery Wrap Give-a-way

Hello all. Don't be excited. Cause our internet situation hasn't changed. But I'm dying to post some of the photos I've been taking recently...& have been regretting my impulse announcement. Hence, I've come to the conclusion that I will be posting again but don't expect anything near regular.
& something to make this post a little more exciting!

: go to : DarylMusserPhotography Website [the blog]. They have a giveaway for a magnificent 11 x 14 Gallery Wrap. Each day of this week you will find a question posted on the blog. Simply answer that question through a comment & you will be entered into the drawing. You can also "like" them on Facebook, & post a comment saying you did so. This will enter you as well. Linking them to Twitter, Facebook, or your blog, & letting them know will enter you yet another time. So you can be entered up to three times a day!

The winner will be announced on Friday. He/she will then send them the photo of their choice to be printed on the gallery wrap.

So head on over there & check this exciting stuff out! :D

Have a marvelous Tuesday, my peeps. <3