Sunday, April 24, 2011

Breanna : 6 months

Adorable: Check
Well Dressed: Check
Full of Personality: Check

This would be Breanna. To the fullest. It was precious capturing her expressions & personality. Challenging, yes. But wonderful.
I won't lie. I went into this shoot a little hesitant. We were shooting inside. I was scared. I was shooting a small child. I was scared. [sorry small children] ;] But it went well. & i think we really captured who she is.

 Love this giggle. :]

 & coooolor. love it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy & Happy. [Thoughts on my day]

A Sunday; 
A warm & rather lovely Sunday.
One that includes frolicking around my farm in my Muck boots.
Muck boots rock. 
[Please just nod & smile.] ;]

So yeah. 
It was a happy day. 
Loving the spring weather. 
A whole lot. 
It allows me to wear fabb new shoes [that come to me from Jamaicaaa]
Like these :

[I know]

[This is such a girly post: "Shoes? Really Lynds?"]
Ohh well. 
Lovely Monday everyone! 
[Yes. I just said that] 

-xoXo <3