Thursday, February 25, 2010

{its a senior thing}

Senior: n. a student in the final year of highschool or college

I'm planning on taking Michael's senior pictures, and could really use some help here. [ahh!] I struggle finding masculine enough poses. Now girls, esp. little ones, are a piece of cake. Then theres small-ish [8-12] guys that get a little tough, but senior guys? Really? How I'm gonna wing this, I have yet to know. Haha!

So here's what I'm asking: If you know of a photographer [any photographer] who you've been impressed with their work, esp if they have some pretty fab senior photos, could you just post a comment with their website name. That'd be awesome. Ooor. If you have any ideas or shots you'd like to share, feel free. Cause I seriously need some help... :]

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

100 of this....

I have an idea. Got it from someone else, actually. And here. it. is.

I'm going to challenge myself to take 100 photos of a certain object. The person who I got the idea from used an old camera. It forces you to use creativity. A.k.a...I'm gonna bore you to death. :) Anyway, I'm planning to use....{bum-ba-da-da!}...a bouquet of dried dill stems!!! [waits for the raise of the eyebrows...] And this is gonna be fun.

Yes, I know what your thinkin'..."Well I'm glad SOMEONE finds such joy in ugly dried dill stems." Hehe! But really, I am excited. [and these things are probably more beautiful than they sound...]

Well, did I forget to mention that this has a dueo incentive?

Yes, it does.
Incentive #1: inspire me to take more pictures...
Incentive #2: make me blog more....? Yeah, well that's the idea. Hehe...

So I haven't started yet. But I will as soon as I can. Cause member...I'm really excited?!

Oh yes. And this thing isn't necessarily supposed to be done in 100 days, but definately in a year. So a year is the goal I guess. :)