Thursday, February 25, 2010

{its a senior thing}

Senior: n. a student in the final year of highschool or college

I'm planning on taking Michael's senior pictures, and could really use some help here. [ahh!] I struggle finding masculine enough poses. Now girls, esp. little ones, are a piece of cake. Then theres small-ish [8-12] guys that get a little tough, but senior guys? Really? How I'm gonna wing this, I have yet to know. Haha!

So here's what I'm asking: If you know of a photographer [any photographer] who you've been impressed with their work, esp if they have some pretty fab senior photos, could you just post a comment with their website name. That'd be awesome. Ooor. If you have any ideas or shots you'd like to share, feel free. Cause I seriously need some help... :]

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Emilee said...

hey....the best place to look is...

...they are the most amazing photographers! they have TONS of pictures on the blog...lots of senior just have to look through the months. i personally have looked through their pictures millions of times and i never stop enjoying them!

Hope this helps!
a fellow photographer- Emilee