Sunday, June 27, 2010

[late in coming....] Senior 2010: Michael Evan

...i said there was more to come.
and I'm generally not one to lie. it comes.
So excited to share.

It was great shooting a senior.
First ever actually. :)
I had so much fun and I'm glad I could start out like this...
...relaxed and photographing family.
It makes it easy to help one relax when you know them so well.
[truth be told...]
It help that I could relax...;)

love the color in this one. ahh. i might have to go there again.

"No Parking" we parked.

prob my most fave photo of the entire day. i might have to go here again too. the light was pretty amaze.

this one's so intense. love the light in his eyes.

FYI: the bricks say "please" behind him. how cool.[P.S. i didnt even see it till we were basically ordering them. crazy.]

hehe! this was fun. the light wasnt very good and it wasnt really working out how i pictured it so....we snapped a little. just goofed off. it was good. :)

more intense eyes....

def another fave of mine.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Senior Moments [A Sneak Peak]

Senior photos of a kid named Micheal.

I daresay he's the most handsome senior I've ever photographed. Not gonna lie. ;)

Michael Evan...more to come!

Dramatic Black&White

Black & White is so exciting! It just gives everything a new class. :)

So this post will contain the most rad black&whites i could come up with....

Love these expressions. Such joy and ever so candid! Epic.

 My most fav family ever.

Travels in trench-coats to faraway places...

Cute boys with amaze eyes!

...And there were serious moments too.

Ties and tees. Nothing better. :)

And so it goes in Black&White....