Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I've mooved; [now move yourself over there!]

Sorry folks.
You won't find me here; I've moved.
Look for the new bloggity at The Leather Journal .


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Breanna : 6 months

Adorable: Check
Well Dressed: Check
Full of Personality: Check

This would be Breanna. To the fullest. It was precious capturing her expressions & personality. Challenging, yes. But wonderful.
I won't lie. I went into this shoot a little hesitant. We were shooting inside. I was scared. I was shooting a small child. I was scared. [sorry small children] ;] But it went well. & i think we really captured who she is.

 Love this giggle. :]

 & coooolor. love it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy & Happy. [Thoughts on my day]

A Sunday; 
A warm & rather lovely Sunday.
One that includes frolicking around my farm in my Muck boots.
Muck boots rock. 
[Please just nod & smile.] ;]

So yeah. 
It was a happy day. 
Loving the spring weather. 
A whole lot. 
It allows me to wear fabb new shoes [that come to me from Jamaicaaa]
Like these :

[I know]

[This is such a girly post: "Shoes? Really Lynds?"]
Ohh well. 
Lovely Monday everyone! 
[Yes. I just said that] 

-xoXo <3

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Breanna : 6 months [sneak peak]

Now this child - she's darling.

Breanna Burkholder

...More to come.

Winter Shoot

Finally. The completion of an unfinished post.

 It's so fluffyyy!

 LOVE these people. : Treen & Patty

 Ohhh. Sun flaaare.

 I believe this ^ would be our "Well that was funny." faces. We probably had these a lot.
 The whole crew
 Trinaa getting her sass on. ;] Don't tell me she doesn't rock this.

Love this last one as well. Mhmm. Good times.

Oh yes. & of course I can't post this without noting the reeeal reason that they drug me out of the house in sub zero weather for a photo shoot [okay. they didn't drag me. I came along quite willingly.] Well the reason was : i arrived home to a housefull of my fave people, who nearly made me have a heartattack while pulling off their beautifully planned birthday party. Whoo-hoo for successful surprise parties. :D

 See? Suh.Prise

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Testing. :]

Hello All.

I know. Fancy seeing me here...but here I am!
& now that we all know, Lyndsi isn't dead...just neglecting her blog,
can we talk about more important things? Kay. Good.

Here's the news : this fall I had a few fabulous photo shoots with families & babies & random ones with friends that never made it to this blog.
Beeecause...of other reasons. Not because I've had a million other things to do...no. That wasn't it. :]
Okaay. So maybe that was it.
& maybe it had something to do with the fact that [sing songy voice] I GOT LIGHTROOM!
Uh. Yeah. That's pretty great.
So I've been trying it out & [re]edit photo & such
Sooo...we'll also pretend that it had something to do with that. :]
So those will be posted sometime in the near future. So be excited for those. Cause they're really fun.
Until then...
Hi. It's good to see you again. & I just stopped by to show this [poor, little, forgotten] blog some love.

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Okay all. Bear with me.
                     This is a post that is, quite simply, a broad overview of my summer.
                                    In pictures.

- several photo shoots with the people I love. 

- some miscellaneous stuff that brought my summer joy

- & verrry few words. 

hehe. but it's good. words can come later.


These darling strawberries that marked the rather glum departure of our beloved, foreign child: Sarah Weave.

These too, made by Kate & Sarah [for us. how precious.] :]

How about a end-of-the-summer photo shoot. Or five? I think yes.

hehe. love this

These were darling. Thrift store bargains, I believe.

Yay! Peacock feathers are my FAAAVe

& a shoot with many peeps.

Love them. Jus sayin'

this is how most of the shoot went, I do believe. crazyness. :]

Treen & Patty.

I love everything about this one. The colors. The various eye shades. The smiles. Yes, these are my friends.

An old school bus? Um, yes please.

This is Patricia. Known to all as Patty. Or Patrish. 

A friend of mine? More like a sister.

She has killer eyeballs. For real.

A model?...Yea. She's pretty much a natural.

 & here's some misc. cheer from my summer.

Marked with memories of chocolate covered cherries, how could it have been anything but marvelous?

Another shoot with me own lovely cousin, Kendra.
...Twas truely grand.

Her. Eyes. Are. Lovely. no lie.

Okay folks. That post feels rather unorganized & lacking in words, but I think, 
              [& hope]
That the photos will make up for the lack of words.