Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Testing. :]

Hello All.

I know. Fancy seeing me here...but here I am!
& now that we all know, Lyndsi isn't dead...just neglecting her blog,
can we talk about more important things? Kay. Good.

Here's the news : this fall I had a few fabulous photo shoots with families & babies & random ones with friends that never made it to this blog.
Beeecause...of other reasons. Not because I've had a million other things to That wasn't it. :]
Okaay. So maybe that was it.
& maybe it had something to do with the fact that [sing songy voice] I GOT LIGHTROOM!
Uh. Yeah. That's pretty great.
So I've been trying it out & [re]edit photo & such
Sooo...we'll also pretend that it had something to do with that. :]
So those will be posted sometime in the near future. So be excited for those. Cause they're really fun.
Until then...
Hi. It's good to see you again. & I just stopped by to show this [poor, little, forgotten] blog some love.

Happy Wednesday!