Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Winter Shoot

Finally. The completion of an unfinished post.

 It's so fluffyyy!

 LOVE these people. : Treen & Patty

 Ohhh. Sun flaaare.

 I believe this ^ would be our "Well that was funny." faces. We probably had these a lot.
 The whole crew
 Trinaa getting her sass on. ;] Don't tell me she doesn't rock this.

Love this last one as well. Mhmm. Good times.

Oh yes. & of course I can't post this without noting the reeeal reason that they drug me out of the house in sub zero weather for a photo shoot [okay. they didn't drag me. I came along quite willingly.] Well the reason was : i arrived home to a housefull of my fave people, who nearly made me have a heartattack while pulling off their beautifully planned birthday party. Whoo-hoo for successful surprise parties. :D

 See? Suh.Prise

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kaylie said...

ah this is awesome! these pictures are amazzingg! i love em!