Monday, May 24, 2010

iheartfaces [week yellow]

yellow!! YESS!:) love bright cheery yellowy colors...
so a couple weeks ago i went on a self-ly photo shoot. not gonna lie. it was a mite awkward at times. :/ but i survived. and it was fun.
some of the photos were...not actually bad.
here's one that i took in our orchards. [thee most fabulous place to take pictures!]


Corina Miller said...

yes, taking pics of urself is lots of fun.(:
nd u hav TONS of places to take awesome pics at ur house!
keep taking those gorgeous pictures!
luvs u tons-

Spittin Toad said...

Nice job...your lucky to have such an lovely orchard!!

CRAZYMOM said...

I love the contrast of the lilacs. Good choice. :)

Albuquerque family photographer said...

I love the orchard and the path. I have such a hard time with self portraits - you look great! :)