Sunday, April 25, 2010

3480 Bath Rd.

This is our house.
God has given us so. much, more than we EVER could have expected.
It's so beautiful there. And peaceful. And silent.
Of course that's probably only cause we aren't moved yet. ;)

...a few of the barns. Note: a few. there's like a bazillion of them

The back yard. Although you can't see it very well, there's a sun-porch (right), deck, patio, and pool. Talk about the dream back yard! :D



...more details

...and more details

more details....

...aaand more details

A high-perched window with the softest pink cherry blossoms filling the view. Who needs curtains?

An old chair left at the house.

I said it was beautiful right? Well, these flowers now fill our back yard as the apple trees swing into full bloom. I'm already much in love.

The deepest, loveliest lilacs

...and soft, sweet smelling lilacs

I'm not sure exactly what these were, but they were lovely!

More rows of apple blossoms...

Bare grapevines with cheery dandelions creating a soft, yellow carpet

Discovery of the day! Found this in one of the old barns and I'm super excited about putting it to use. Okay, maybe not exactly the use it was meant for, but it'll make a great decor item if you ask me! :D

An old green truck (with fancy-shmansy mirrors) and a not-so-thrilled Josiah

More vineyards...

A pond outback. It's not actually ours, but we know the man who owns it. It's down a dusty field lane, overlooking the lake, surrounded by scattered trees and endless vineyards. Pure bliss! :]

A gorgeous forsythia bush; blooming to it's fullest.

[Inside the house] Glass elegant!

After a long day of cleaning with many helping hands [Thanks so much everyone who helped!!], someone picked a simple bouquet of the soft lilacs, filling the kitchen with the sweetest aroma.

Haha! My very own basketball net! [without a net.] The backboard is even adorned with a personalized "George Fullagar Fruit Farms. Penn Yan, Ny." Yesss! :D

Planning to move this Wednesday. Help wanted! hehe!

Wishing everyone a happy week! :D [mine will be busy. :/...but it's all good.]

s. lyndsi


Kate said...

I LOVE your new house.
I can't wait till you move in.
I'm gonna come visit you often=)
May I steal you glass doornob and greeish truck?

live.life818 said...

oooh i love yalls house!! so huge and amazing!! hey i want a tour of the outside sometime then.. aka the pond, n barn=) oooh i lovee the speed limit sign!!=] so happy for u guys!!

Allison said...

I love it, too! Can't wait to see it next time I'm out! God is sooo good.....He has given so many blssings, and I am so glad for you guys!
Love ya,