Monday, November 9, 2009

about posts that wont publish

wow. this is sad. i had this really great post. and i was posting it. and it didnt finish posting. and my computer froze. and now i cant post it. sooo.....maybe i'll just sit here and let you be in suspence for the next few days. because i can. and because i have nothing to post about. which is, by the way, another sad story. but no worries, my life isnt always this depressing. actually life is good. it just happens its also uneventful. [ask me again next week. teehee! cause next week i'll have a million&one things to do. just you watch.]

about accomplishments:: on a brighter note....i accomplished great things. horray! i biked to town AND back. [phew.] jk.jk. its only like 4 miles or so to town. but, hey, it made me feel accomplished. and horray for accomplishmentable feelings. lol.

about change:: so i guess the health care bill passed. horray for change. *stated in the most sarcastic voice i could muster*

about brightly colored things:: one of my most favoritest things that i love is bright colors. they're so happy. :) and they make me happy. so yay for color.

about spontanious inspirations::..........nothings coming to me. i have no spontanious inspirations i guess. and they're cool so i guess thats sad. :( maybe next time.

about my family:: they're pretty much the awesomest people you'll ever meet. so yeah, you might just wanna meet them. :) cause they make me happy.

about orange electronics {otherwise known as the ipod "cromatic"} that sing beautiful songs:: :) so they're pretty cool. cause sometimes they sing my favorite songs. and sometimes when i hear my favorite song, i spontaniously break out dancing. :)

about Christmas:: its in a little more than a month you know....:) i like Christmas.

about my bed:: i guess thats where im now headed. ni-night! :)


Anonymous said...

You should try decaf. Or just amuse us with your antics.

lyndsi said...

decaf huh? never really considered that one. ;)